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Accurate to 0.1mm

Spectacle dispensing has also received significant investment in the form of iTerminal Mobile from ZEISS. This enables measurements for your spectacles to be taken to an accuracy of 0.1mm optimising the performance of your spectacle lenses in a more Covid compliant way than traditional methods. 

Preview your Look

Other benefits include a demonstration of your lens choice on screen before your final selection is made. 

Lenses for your lifestyle

Use our online tool to find your perfect lenses through a series of questions.

Our Frames

Unique range of Stylish, Modern and Retro Brands

We have sourced all of our frames from high quality independent manufacturers. We don’t use designer labels, choosing instead to have original styles produced from the best acetate (plastic) and titanium (metal). 

We will help you choose your perfect frame based on anatomy, face shape and function.

The right Choice for you

We don’t go for the hard sell, our aim is to provide the right choice for you, with over 50 years experience in optics we provide high fashion, stylish frames to suit any budget

Oculi Independent Opticians Chesterfield

Creative Glasses,  Made In Italy Its beauty is a mix of genius, culture, and style

Oculi Independent Opticians Chesterfield

A unique collection of Retro frame styles inspired by POP Art

Oculi Independent Opticians Chesterfield

Pure titanium frames using Japanese Metalurgical practices crafted with Italian style

Oculi Independent Opticians Chesterfield

Unique Paris fashion house designs since 1923 

Oculi Independent Opticians Chesterfield

Created to demonstrate Personality and Unique Style, P+US has won various of international design awards

Oculi Independent Opticians Chesterfield

Using allergy-friendly and solid stainless steel materials, Dutz’s frame design achieves durability.

Looking for a new Style?

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