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A Contact Lens Examination is a little different to an eye examination. We have state of the art equipment to assess the front surface of your eye to help determine the best contact lens for you. If you are a first time wearer we will take you through how to put in and remove your lenses as well as a thorough hygiene and care regime. Aftercare appointments are essential to maintain eye health during contact lens wear.


Advances In contact lens technology means more and more people are able to wear lenses.
Convenient for general wear, sport, socialising and special occasions .
Suitable for wearing the majority of the time or using in conjunction with spectacles.

Which types of lenses are available?

Oculi Independent Opticians Chesterfield

Daily Disposables Lenses

The most hygienic and healthy type of contact lens. No cleaning solutions are required. Giving you a new clean lens every day.

Oculi Independent Opticians Chesterfield

two Weekly & Monthly Lenses

Designed for daily wear, and cleaned and stored overnight. Perfect if your looking for the most cost effective lenses.

Oculi Independent Opticians Chesterfield

Lenses for astigmatism

Designed for those patients with more complex prescriptions. Available in both daily and reusable lenses.

Oculi Independent Opticians Chesterfield

Multi focal Lenses

Advances in contact lens design and manufacture enables you to see at varying distances with clarity.


Providing ongoing support



At Oculi we will request you attend regular aftercare appointments. The frequency will depend on the type of lenses you wear and how often you wear them. At your appointment we will check the fit, comfort and your contact lens prescription.

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